Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Chapter 2 Welcome to Hell, First Floor Domestics.

Word Count: 244
Total: 2477

The sun was rising in suburbia. Skip Harding lay nestled in the 600 thread count sateen sheets atop his California King Sized Waterbed. The light shining through the curtains roused him from a deep sleep. He opened his eyes and drew in a deep breath of consciousness.

"I must have got wasted last night." Skip muttered to himself.

Skip got up, opened his bedroom door and walked out into the living room. There he beheld a shocking vision. Half of his house had been demolished. He stared at the wreckage as the memory of the previous nights events came rushing back to him.

Then he turned his head to the left, and there in the kitchen was Imp. The creature he though was nothing more than part of a bizarre dream was in his kitchen, eating the biggest sandwich he had ever seen. Then he noticed the clock hanging on the wall in the background.

"Shit!" he yelled, and ran to his bedroom to get ready for work.

Skip was showered, shaved, dressed, and in his car racing toward his new job before his new reality began to set in. His house was in ruins. There was some sort of new species eating the world's largest sandwich at his kitchen table. He was starting to believe that he met the creator of his universe the night before. To top it all off he was rushing to a job that only paid $8.50 per hour.


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