Saturday, November 06, 2004

Chapter 3 part 2

Word Count: 546
Total: 6140

"This should be fun Skip." Imp said, "That big purple dinosaur out there is your enemy. You just press these buttons, and different things will come out to attack it. It's just like a video game" Imp grinned, "except that it's real."

"That thing is destroying my building!" Skip yelled.

"Ahem, don't you mean your daddy's building?" Imp mocked. "If you don't like it why don't you grab the controls here and start blowing the motha fucka up?"

Skip looked at the wide array of colorful buttons on the consol. He reached out and pressed a yellow one with an airplane icon. A flash of white light enveloped him, and he was suddenly sitting in the cockpit of a WWII style fighter plane. The voice of Imp chimed in from a set of speakers behind his head. "You ever fly a plane before Skip?"

"No! I can't fly a plane, I don't know what I'm doing!" Skip grabbed the controls.

"Now Skip, you're never going to learn anything if you don't try new things." Imp chided. It's simple, just steer it like a car. Only it's a car that can also go up and down in the air. Just remember that small red button on the joy stick fires your machine guns, and the large red button fires missiles."

Skip could see Barney the Destroyer tearing through the city in front of him. The plane was already flying towards the purple menace. "I never liked that fucking dinosaur." He muttered and pushed on the accelerator at his feet. It looked oddly similar to the one in his car.

"Do all these things come equipped with BMW racing peddles?" He said.

"No, this one is made especially for you. WWII planes look all right, but I figured I'd modernize it a bit just for you. Plus I wanted to give you some cool weapons, instead of that pussy 1940's crap." Imp's voice was somehow easy to hear over the roar of the plane.

Skip found the controls much easier to operate than he would have expected. Not that he ever expected to find himself in the cockpit of a fighter plane, but had he ever considered such an occurrence, he would have expected it to be much more difficult. He pushed on the accelerator a bit harder, and the plane picked up considerable speed. Skip was now flying straight towards the very large, inexplicably angry, mutant renegade children's television star.

High tech targeting images appeared on the glass of the old style plane. Skip didn't even bother to question this; he just used his instincts to aim the weapon systems at Barney. The beast was now in firing range. Skip directed the crosshairs toward the back of Barney's head, and pressed the large read button. A single missal shot from the plane, and sped straight toward its target.

Skip pulled the joystick toward his chest and the plane lifted away as the missal penetrated the massive purple cranium. The creature stopped moving for a second, and then his head exploded into a bloody purple mess. The body then went limp, and fell face first into the street. When it landed the carcass lost it's form and turned to a thick disgusting liquid and flooded several city blocks.


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