Sunday, November 07, 2004

Chapter 4 part 2

Word Count: 1264
Total: 7889
3773 words behind schedule, but gaining fast.

Imp hopped off his chair and said, "Ok, this control room bull shit is getting old. Let's get out there and have some hands on fun."

Skip slumped down on his chair and said, "go ahead without me, I think I'll just stay here."

"I don't think so Skip. Don't you realize that you're not making the rules here? Don't you realize that there are no rules anymore? I'm like Jesus motherfucker. I may not have all that compassion and mercy bullshit, but I'm still the Son of God. Well, the son of your God anyway, and it just so happens that your God is an asshole."

"So if I don't have a choice, why should I care? Why should I give a shit about what happens to my Dad's building, or the city, or anything else? Why shouldn't I just sit here and eat popcorn while I watch everything turn to shit in high definition?" Skip was getting angry.

"Because, Skip, just like you said, you don't have a choice. You're the hero of this fucking story, and you're going to get out there and kick some ass, whether you like it or not. Now do you want to be a pussy about it, and end up being played by some little Hollywood faggot like Colin Hanks? Or do you want to be a baddass, and get played by someone hardcore like Bruce Campbell?" Imp was dead serious.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Skip asked with a sigh.

"You say that a lot." Imp said, and then reached over and pressed a button on the consol. Skip jumped as the platform began a rapid descent through the floor. "Your God may not like you Skip, but I do. So I'm gonna hook you up."

The platform entered a large cavernous area, lit by torches. It reached the ground and stopped. Imp walked down a cobblestone lane outlined by small flaming trenches. Skip felt compelled to follow, although the reason why was beyond him.

The lane came to an end at an average sized metal door. Imp opened the door, and looked at Skip. "Step inside." He said.

"Oh, why the hell not." Said Skip, and walked through the door.

Imp slammed the door behind him, and Skip was in pure darkness. "Why am I not surprised?" he said to himself.

He heard a song playing from some unknown source. It was Sheryl Crow's "A Change Will do you Good." There was no light, but Skip could feel himself being lifted upward. He also felt something ripping off his clothing. He was being poked and jabbed and knocked around. Finally he was ejected onto the surface of the street, right in the middle of the chorus.

Skip rolled a few yards from the momentum. He lay there for a few seconds looking up at the sky. He still heard music, although it was no longer Sheryl Crow. What he heard now sounded like a high school marching band playing "Louie Louie."

Rolling over and getting back on his feet Skip noticed that his outfit had changed. He was still wearing a tattered white short-sleeved button down shirt, only now it was adorned with a nametag that read "Bad Ass." He now had a simple black tie with a red skull and crossbones at the end, and his khakis were replaced with black military fatigues.

There was a flamethrower strapped to his back. There were several grenades strapped to an ammo belt that was draped over one shoulder, and an m16 strapped to the other. Skip found the weight surprisingly easy to handle.

"What is this, Scarface?" he muttered to himself.

The sound of "Louie Louie" was growing louder. Skip walked toward the street it was coming from. He reached the intersection and turned the corner to see a marching band of zombies covered with purple slime. They were twirling batons, and doing flips, and dancing, and everything else that comes with a marching band.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." Skip said, starring at the display.

The parade stopped as the zombies in the front formed a human pyramid with surprising agility. Skip shrugged his shoulders and pulled one of the grenades from the ammo belt. He pulled the pin and lobbed it through the air. It landed a few feet in front of the pyramid, and continued to roll until it was right underneath them.
The pyramid of zombies exploded, sending arms and legs and other appendages flying, and splattering the streets with gore. The music stopped, and the zombies all looked at Skip.

"Oh shit…" Skip said as the crowd of undead ran toward him.

He pulled the pin on another grenade, tossed it on the ground, and then ran for his life. The crowd of zombies ran right over the grenade, chasing Skip down Main Street. The grenade exploded, sending more zombie parts flying up into the air, but failing to slow their rush.

Skip ducked into an alleyway, hopping they wouldn't see him. He soon reached a dead end, and turned around to see that he had made a big mistake. The smelly, purple slime covered, angry zombies had him cornered. Skip hoisted up the M16 and fired off a few rounds. A few zombies dropped, only to be trampled by more.

Out of the corner of his eye Skip saw something move. He looked and saw that a fire escape ladder had dropped down within his grasp. Without thinking he grabbed it and began to climb. He quickly reached the lowest platform, and turned to pull the ladder up, but one of the zombies was already climbing.

Skip reached back and pulled out the flamethrower. He pointed it down and pulled the trigger. A massive stream of flame shot out, incinerating the zombie on the end of the ladder, along with several others. The zombie continued to climb however, so Skip shot out another burst of flames. This time it was a sustained burst, and he made a sweeping motion from side to side. The zombie on the ladder kept trying to climb, but it's hands burned to ashes and it fell.

Skip dropped another grenade, and ran up the rusty metal stairs. The explosion nearly knocked the aged framework lose from the building. Skip made a dash up the final steps and onto the roof. There he stood looking down at the alleyway full of flailing burning death. He turned and walked away, struggling to catch his breath.

Before he had taken 3 steps a hideous winged humanoid, which looked almost identical to the one that had attacked him in the plane, flew down and landed roughly 30 feet in front of him. It stretched its wings and let out a gruesome shriek at Skip.

Skip pulled up his M16 and opened fire. The creature leaped into the air, dodging the bullets. It gained some height and then dove back down straight for Skip. He fired several rounds, but failed to hit anything. It was about 10 feet from tearing Skip in half when a small missal struck it in the side and exploded.

Skip looked in the direction from which the missal had come, and saw a large black man standing by the roof top door, holding a rocket launcher. The man was waving for him to come, so Skip ran toward the door. Several more winged beasts landed on the roof all around him.

He reached the door, and ran inside. The man closed the door behind them and said, "Get downstairs, quick!"


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You have to let me write the screenplay for this. It would make a great follow up movie after I do D.O.A.S.:The Motion Picture and B.S.D.:The Motion Picture. Hehehehehehe

Purple Zombies from Hell, ya think we can get Vin Disel?

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