Sunday, November 07, 2004

Chapter 4 Purple Zombies on Parade Part 1

Word Count: 485
Total: 6625

Skip managed to turn the plane around to see the damage he had done.

"Yeah! Take that bitch!" He yelled with triumph. "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Take it! Take it all bitch! You like that bitch?" Skip was practically humping the joystick.

On the streets below the purple ooze began to bubble. It looked like a giant wad of chewing gum was covering the ground, and bubbles were being blown all around. One of the bubbles popped, and from it's center a gruesome winged creature shot up into the air. It had a hideous brown monkey face, with long greasy black hair, and sickly looking naked pale flesh. It looked even more disgusting with purple goo smeared all over its body. The only clothing it wore was a tattered loincloth, which was decorated with a Visa logo.

The creature had long wings that matched the pale white flesh. The creature spread these wings to catch the air, and fly away. More bubbles began to burst, and many more creatures were issuing from Barney's remains. Some were similar to the first, winged demons that reeked of rotten noodles. Others were similar, but instead of wings they had strange trunk like appendages extending from their shoulders, and they shuffled along the ground at a sluggish pace. Many wore the Visa loincloths. Some also wore McDonalds T-shirts, and one wore a baseball cap that read, "I read humorous key chains out loud."

In the air Skip's adrenalin wore off, and he realized that he was flying a plane, and had no idea how to land. He did not have time to worry about this for long. Before he could even begin to panic about landing a winged zombie flew out of nowhere and landed on the cockpit glass. A bulging Visa logo was now all skip could see.

A greasy white arm came crashing through the glass and grabbed Skip by the neck. As Skip flailed and struggled to break free he struck one of the many buttons. A compartment opened, and out popped the handle of a high caliber handgun. Skip's hand brushed up against the gun and he grabbed it just as the flying zombie pulled him up through the glass.

The creature pulled Skip right up to it's face and in a voice that sounded like the devil himself it said, "Visa, it's everywhere you want to be, mother fucker."

Skip raised the gun to the zombie's face and pulled the trigger. The blast blew the brute away from Skip, and it fell back to the earth. Skip sat back down in the cockpit and tried to take control. The plane was out of control, spiraling toward the ground. The site of the ground rapidly approaching disappeared in the wake of a blinding white light, and Skip found himself back in a chair sitting next to Imp.

"Nice shooten Tex." Imp said.

"Fuck you." Skip replied.


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