Monday, November 08, 2004

Chapter 5 part 2

Word Count: 801
Total: 9574

Tim, Terrence, and Terry set out on their journey down the hall to the security office. Skip stayed behind to protect the women with the considerable arsenal he was carrying. Ted stayed behind because he was too cowardly to leave the room armed only with a stapler. Todd stayed behind to hit on what very well could have been the last two living women on the planet. Tyler, who was now looking rather pale, stayed behind because he was tied to an office chair.

"When we get back, we'll probably be in a hurry." Tim said before they left. "Ted, you stay by the door and be ready to open it for us."

"Good plan. It's fool proof." Imp said. As usual, everyone ignored him.

Now they were all sitting around in silence, waiting for the adventurers return.

"So…what are you doing later?" Todd broke the silence.

"Are you talking to me?" Tara asked.

"Well, you know I just thought maybe we could get together sometime. You know, just for coffee or something." Todd said.

"Oh yea? Where do you think we're gonna go? Starbucks? Oh wait, Starbucks has probably been overrun by freaking zombies!" Tara yelled.

"You don't have to be so mean." Tiffany interrupted the conversation.

"Thank you, Tiffany is it?" Todd asked.

"Yes." Tiffany giggled, and twirled her hair.

"So what are you doing later Tiffany?" Todd said.

Tiffany giggled and twirled her hair some more. "Um…I don't know."

"Well, maybe we could hang out or something. Or hey, why don't I show you around the office." Todd sounded excited.

"I thought you didn't work here." Ted butted in.

"Hey, mind your business." Todd yelled. He then turned back to Tiffany. "So how about it?"

"He he, Ok." She giggled, and off they went together.

"What is this world coming to?" Ted sneered.

"An end." Imp replied.

Ted ignored him and went back to sulking.

A few minutes later they heard the sound of shouting outside the door. Next came a loud pounding, and Tim could be heard on the other side yelling, "open the door! Open the door!"

"Let them in!" Said Tara.

"No way, they could be zombies now." Ted replied.

"I told you this would happen." Imp said.

"Open the fucking door!" Terrence yelled from outside the door.

"Open the door!" Tara screamed.

The argument was interrupted by the sound of loud moans coming from Tyler. Everyone turned to see that he now looked just like all the other zombies. He was jerking back and forth violently.

"Ah witness the noble zombie, as it struggles to throw off the bonds of his oppressors." Imp said.

Just as Imp finished his sentence Tyler did break free of his bonds. The broken phone cords fell to his feet, and he leapt toward Ted. Before Ted had time to react Tyler was upon him. They tumbled to the floor, and Tyler started biting Ted in the armpit.

They rolled away from the door, and Tara ran to open it. When she did Tim, Terrence, and Terry came rushing threw the door, each carrying a large duffle bag. Tara tried to close the door, but a zombie came crashing through, knocking her to the ground. Before another one came she used her feet to kick the door shut.

Tyler had chewed Ted's arm off and was now beating him with it. Skip unloaded nearly an entire clip into the other zombie, which now lay on the floor in a pile of gore. Skip then pointed the gun in Ted's directing, but he was out of ammo. So he through the gun down, and grabbed the flamethrower.

Skip let loose with a long burst, setting both Tyler and Ted ablaze. Tyler dropped Ted's arm and ran through the office like a maniac. Ted screamed and flailed on the floor trying to put out the flames. Everyone ignored his cries and watched Tyler crash through the door of the vise president's office.

In the office was Tiffany, buck naked, bent over the desk with Todd behind her. At this site, even Tyler stopped and stared. Todd kept thrusting away, saying only "Do you mind? I'm kinda busy here?"

The back of Tyler's head then exploded. Terrance blew the smoke from the barrel of a large revolver, and said "Mother fucker was blocking the view."

Ted finally passed out, or died. No one really cared which, as long as he quit making all that racket. They all just stood there watching as Todd brought Tiffany to completion, and then came on her face. They all clapped, even Tara.

"I thought you hated that guy." Skip said.

"They're just like you Skip." Imp explained. "They don't really have free will, so if I want her to be a lesbo, she'll be a lesbo."


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