Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Chapter 6 Command and Conquer

Word Count: 1249
Total: 10,823

Once Tiffany cleaned herself up and got dressed, the group snapped back to reality.

"Weren't we supposed to be getting out of here?" Said Tim.

"Oh yeah, that's why we went to get all these guns." Terry said.

"Yeah, that was pretty stupid." Imp said. "Especially since an armored alien space vessel is about to pick us up."

"A what?" Said Tim.

"Don't bother trying to understand." Said Skip. "Just believe whatever he says. Trust me, it's easier that way."

"You're finally starting to learn Skip." Imp said. "Now everyone follow his advice, listen to me, and come over here."

Imp walked over near the windows that faced the outside. Everyone followed like obedient dogs.

"Stand here." He said, motioning. "No, a little bit this way, Ok, right there. Now Skip, you come over here."

Everyone stood where they were told, and Skip went to stand beside Imp. The second they were all in position, a large silver vessel came crashing through the wall, and landing right on top of Terry, Terrence, Tim, Tiffany, and Tara. All were killed instantly.

"What the fuck?" Skip said.

"They were getting on my nerves. Grab the guns, and hop in side." As Imp said this a door lowered from the craft. The ship had a sharp pointed tip, which looked rather like a beak, and the whole thing was shaped like a narrow pyramid.

Skip decided not to question why Imp hand just killed everyone else. He did as he was told, grabbing the guns, and hopping on board. When he was inside he saw that the creature piloting the ship looked nothing like a human being. It appeared to be made from a bright orange liquid, and the only thing that kept it from turning into a puddle was a clear plastic bag. One end of the bag was hanging from the ceiling of the cockpit, and the other had two sections that were attached to some sort of consol.

A pair of eyeballs floated around inside the bag. Skip could only see them when they pressed up against the bag to look at him.

"That's one ugly mother fucker." The creature spoke out of a speaker in the consol.

"This is the pilot?" Skip asked skeptically.

"Best one in the existence." Imp replied.

"He looks like a bag of Koolaid." Skip said.

"You look like a bag of shit." The creature replied.

"Just shut up and have a seat Skip. We're going for a little ride." Imp said.

Skip sat down, and the ship took off. It rose up off the ground and blasted forward through. Rather than turning around and going back through the hole in the wall, it tore through the entire building to come out on the other side.

The cockpit had no windows. Instead it had two large monitors that touched at the edges. The image on the monitors was one of a huge crowd of zombies filling the streets below. The angular silver craft flew over the crowd, and then up to land on top of a shorter building.

"Lets go have a look." Said Imp. The door opened again and he hopped out.

Skip followed. When he looked down from the rooftop he saw the same vision the monitors had shown. Meanwhile Imp opened a compartment on the side of the ship, and pulled out a large silver case. He brought it to the edge of the roof, and set it down. When he opened it, a screen rose up to Skip's waist level.

"Skip, this is the command top 3000. It's the latest in portable war room technology." Imp said. "it allows you to command all aspects of your war from one convenient screen."

"Great, it's lovely." Skip said with mock enthusiasm.

"What's the matter Skip? You never played any real time war sims on your daddy's computers?" Imp mocked him back.

"What do you want me to do now?" Skip asked.

"Well, you may not have noticed Skip, but there is an army of zombies down there. Now they aren't going to get rid of themselves. So I suggest you turn this little baby on, and have some fun." Imp said.

"I don't know if I like your brand of fun." Skip said.

"Oh come on now Skip, it's not like you have a choice here." Imp said.

"Fine." Skip said, and pressed a button on the contraption. The screen lit up with a message that said, "Welcome to CT3000." The next screen said "Choose your army" at the top and showed 3 red squares below. Skip pressed the square on the left, which had the silhouette of a crude looking robot.

A map came up on the screen that showed a map of the nearby streets. A panel on the side of the screen said "Attack with…" and below there were several different symbols, none of which Skip understood. So he just pressed the third one down, and a message popped up saying "Choose location." So Skip touched a spot in the middle of the street he was looking at. "Attack commencing." The next message read.

"What now?" Skip asked.

"Watch." Imp said, pointing at the street below.

There was some excited motion from the zombies at the center of the crowd, and Skip saw metallic figures pouring up from a hole in the ground. They were shaped similar to men, but they were clearly robotic. Each had a 3-pronged claw grasping a long slender blade. The other arm ended in a cannon.

They attacked the zombies with ruthless vengeance, slicing off limbs, and chopping off heads. Soon they had cleared a large circle, and then they began firing their arm cannons. Blue bolts of energy shot out of the cannons, burning through the zombies like a fire hose through a crowd of wimpy tree hugging protesters.

"Don't hold back Skip, you've got a lot more toys to send in. Try that one." Imp said, indicating another button.

Skip pressed it, and again a message popped up saying, "Attack commencing." In the sky above the building there was a bright flash, and a loud clap that sounded like thunder. A dark circle appeared in the sky, and out of it flew a swarm of robotic Valkryies, each brandishing a long wicked blade. They swooped down on the crowd, and began hacking the zombies to pieces.

The first group of robots shifted to attack one side, while the Valkryies tormented the other. The streets were turning into rivers of blood. There were limbs, and heads, and unidentifiable parts littering the ground like confetti after a parade.

"This is too easy." Imp said, looking down on the carnage. "Oh, here come the opposing forces. That should make things more interesting."

"What opposing forces?" Skip asked.

"Why, the US military of course. You think you can have a war without the finest fighting force on the planet?" Imp said, and pointed down the street.

Skip looked and saw a large force of tanks several blocks down. The tanks plowed through the zombies, while thousands of foot soldiers marched behind shooting the hell out of anything that the tanks hadn't run over.

"Whose side are they on?" Skip asked?

"Well, traditionally the United States has been against the formation of a zombie nation." Imp said. "So I'm guessing they are here to kill the zombies. But I'd also guess that they'll be none to happy when they see an army of robots attacking the city."


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