Thursday, November 11, 2004

Chapter 6 part 2

Word Count: 758
Total: 11,581

Skip stood on the rooftop gazing at the awesome might of the United States military baring down on the chaos in the streets. In the distant sky he saw four black dots growing ever larger. They were fighter jets, and a tremendous boom echoed across the heavens as they approached.

They came on with ungodly speed, and unleashed a barrage of firepower on the streets that shook the buildings. The force of the blasts knocked Skip over, along with the Command Top 3000. When the machine hit the ground it started to beep and squeal as if it was angry.

When the rooftop quit shaking, Skip got to his feet and picked it up. The screen was flashing red with a message that said "Error! Command center threatened, deploying all forces!"

"Great. What does that mean?" Skip said.

"What do you think?" Imp said, " Just what it says. We should get out of here. Before the real carnage begins. This building is going to be a pile of rubble soon."

Skip then noticed that the craft that had delivered them to this roof was now gone.

"Where did Captain Koolaid go?" Skip asked.

"Like I said, he's the best pilot in the universe." Imp said. "You think the best pilot in the universe has time to hang around on the top of a parking garage waiting to get blown to pieces?"

"Hey, all of the guns were in there! And now how are we going to get out of here?" Skip yelled in a panic.

"Oh, what do you need guns for anyway? You're hanging out with a living deity. And like I just said, this is a parking garage. I'm sure we can find something." Imp said as he walked toward the doorway to the stairs. Skip followed like a lost puppy.

On the inside of the parking garage Imp walked past several cars. Then he stopped in front of a school bus and said, "This is perfect! Lets go!"

On the inside of the bus they found 15 terrified school children cowering behind their seats.

"Oh great, kids. I hate kids." Imp said. "Well, since they're here, lets give them the ride of their life. I'm driving!"

"How can you drive? You can't even reach the pedals." Skip said.

"You keep forgetting my unlimited divine powers." Imp replied.

With that the bus roared to life. Imp looked at the frightened faces in the rear view mirror, and yelled, "Sit down and shut up!"

The tires squealed and the bus shot forward. It swerved and careened through the parking garage at speeds Skip never would have thought a school bus could travel. When they reached the bottom floor the bus crashed through the tollgates and out into a dwindling crowd of zombies. They were fortunate enough that the exit was on the street opposite from the one that was now a flaming wasteland.

The children screamed in terror as the bus rampaged down the street. The bodies made a sickening thump as they were deflected off the front bumper. The bus bounced up and down like a pimped out Cadillac on hydraulics.

Skip looked out the window to see a battle raging all around. There were now a wide array of robots in the streets, and most of the zombies had been vanquished. However the US military and the robots had mistaken each other for enemies, and were now locked in a deadly struggle.

Imp made a hard right turn and the bus felt like it was going to tip over. The new street was less crowded, and Imp started picking up speed. He soon turned onto a freeway, and started heading out of the city. Before long they approached a roadblock. Concrete barriers, barbed wire and several military vehicles manned by soldiers with heavy weaponry stretched across the freeway. Imp didn't even slow down.

"Hey, you have to stop." Skip said.

"No Skip, I'm the one with free will here, not you." Imp replied.

"There are kids on this bus! You're going to get us all killed!" Skip yelled as the bus approached the barriers.

"I said sit down and shut up!" Imp yelled in a tremendous evil voice.

Skip sat down, put his seat belt on, and held tight to the back of his seat. A soldier stood in the middle of the road holding his hand up in a signal to stop. Imp nearly ran him down. When the soldier jumped out of the way, the other soldiers opened fire on the bus.


Blogger James said...

I like the grumpy old bus driver cliche. It's been a long time since I've heard the classic line "Siddown n' shuddup!"
reminded me of old times...
Also, I linked your novel from my crappy novel. Hope you don't mind.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is HORRIBLE, Boring and so fuckin' Stupid! It's clear that you just ran out of ideas, but continued writing anyway, and tried to come up with anything grotesque and twisted with no reason whatsoever for these unrelated events. Were you High when you decided this shit was entertaining? Well I am not, and I can tell you quite soberly THIS SHIT SUCKS! It sounds like you have a decent imagination, but have no idea how a story arc really works. People need a reason other than complete boredom to invest their time into reading your crap! This sounds like improvisations of a wimpy, mean-spirited, angry little man who is mad at God for giving him a tiny penis. You can thank me later for this tip: Don’t hate the world for your small one. Compensate with your tongue, gifts and jewelry.

12:55 PM  
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