Friday, November 12, 2004

Chapter 7 Monkey Business

Word Count: 841
Total: 12,422
I'm way behind, but there's more coming today.

The bullets bounced off of the bus as if they were made of rubber. Two rocket propelled grenades shout out from opposite sides of the roadblock. They hit the front of the bus and exploded with no effect. Flames licked the windshield and illuminated the madness in Imp's eyes.

"Ramming speed!" Imp yelled, and the unstoppable yellow juggernaut plowed through the barricades.

The concrete road dividers and military vehicles flew apart like scraps of paper hit by a mighty wind. The bus sped off down the road and out of the city. The children had stopped screaming. Skip was silent as well, griping his seat with terror.

When the city and it's apocalyptic war was out of site, Skip finally spoke. "Where are we going now?"

"Go West young man. There's gold in them thar hills!" Imp replied.

"Whatever." Skip said, and slumped down in his seat.

They drove far from the city, and deep into the middle of nowhere. The signs of civilization became fewer and fewer. Grassy planes, rolling hills, and farmlands filled the horizon. Time seemed to slow down, and Skip almost forgot about the chaos he just left behind.

The came to a more mountainous region, and the roads became steep and curvy. Imp now drove at a casual pace, like he was just taking a weekend road trip. The children had all fallen a sleep in the back of the bus. The dull roar of the engine was the only sound to fill the air.

"How about a little music?" Imp said, and pressed a button on the dashboard. The dulcet tones of dueling banjos played over the speakers.

"Very funny." Skip said.

They had been driving for a long time, and they were very high up in the mountains when Imp pulled the bus off the main road. He turned onto a gravel road, which then became a dirt road, which came to a dead end at the top of a hill. The road was blocked by a row of forest.

"Ok kids, were here." Imp said.

"Here? We're in the middle of nowhere, what are you talking about?" Skip said. He was thinking about the movie Deliverance, and he was getting a little nervous.

"Just follow me past these trees, and I'll show you. You're all in for a real treat." Imp said as he jumped out of the bus.

Skip looked to the back of the bus, and all the kids were staring at him. "Why do you have to get all creepy all of a sudden?" He said. No one answered.

Skip and all the children followed Imp up through the woods, and they soon came to a clearing. A circle of forest enclosed a small field of yellow grass. Imp led them to the center of the field where there was a rusty metal door laying flat on the ground.

He opened the door and said "Step right up."

Skip didn't even bother to argue. He knew it was pointless, so he walked down the steps. Blue lights under each step provided enough light for to keep him from tripping. The whole stairway was surprisingly modern. It even had a shiny new handrail.

At the bottom of the stairs there was a large room lit by harsh florescent lights. In the center of the room there was a large statue of a gorilla holding a bone above its head. The stairway was on one wall, and each of the other three walls had a door. The left door had a sign that read "Laboratory." The right door had a sign that read "Residence." And the door on the wall opposite from the stairs had a sign that read "Test Subjects."

Imp walked over and opened the door labeled "Test Subjects" and motioned for the group to go inside.

"You're going to love this." Imp said as they shuffled through the door.

On the other side of there was a hallway made from two rows of small cages stacked from floor to ceiling. The cages were empty, but the room stank of dung. They heard the faint sound of angry monkeys coming from the end of the hall, accompanied by the sound of people screaming.

"Let the kids go first." Said Imp.

"Why?" Skip asked.

"Because I said so." Imp answered.

Skip stepped the side, and the line of children walked down the hallway with trepidation. When they had all passed Imp walked behind them. Whenever one would look back they would see him there, and keep walking. At the end of the hall of cages there was an open area with a few desks and computers. The sounds were coming from behind a doorway.

Imp walked through another door, and the group followed him. The room they entered looked like it was used for observing police interrogations. There was a folding table with two chairs set in front of a large blacked out window. Imp flipped a switch next to the window and the room on the other side was revealed.


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