Friday, November 19, 2004

Chapter 8 part 3

Word Count: 587
Total: 16,129
After tomorrow I have the whole week off, and a lot of catching up to do. I'm going to shoot for 4000 words per day. Wish me luck.

"Stupid protesters. Always getting in the way of progress." Imp said. "Holding hands and singing songs never accomplished anything. Why don't you show them how it's done Skip."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Skip said.

"I mean tear some shit up. Turn this place into a parking lot before those bulldozers do. Unleash your vengeance." Imp said.

"But you're the one with the super powers and everything." Skip replied.

"I'll let you borrow them for a minute. You did a pretty good job kicking that guy's ass in the pit. Let's see what you can do with some real power." Imp said.

"I don't understand. How can I…" Skip started.

"You just do it." Imp interrupted. "You imagine what you want to happen, and it will happen. Go ahead, give it a shot."

Skip looked at the bulldozers drudging through the village. He closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment. When he opened his eyes he saw what he envisioned actually happening. The grass huts sprouted arms and legs, and came to life. They marched toward the oncoming yellow fleet, and the drivers abandoned their vehicles to flee. The walking grass huts started picking up the construction equipment and tossing it at the fleeing drivers.

"Not bad, but you can do better than that." Imp said. "Come on, think big, really let loose. Let's see some real destruction."

Skip closed his eyes again. To the West, where the army of construction workers was scattering in the wake of the stampeding grass huts, a huge ball of fire fell from the sky. The ground shook when it landed, knocking everyone nearby off their feet. Seconds later another fell, and soon the whole village was being rained on by giant flaming meteorites.

The jungle was catching fire, and the bulldozer fleet was decimated. Skip looked around at the destruction, and closed his eyes again. Strange creatures began crawling out of the craters that were created by the meteorites. The creatures were made from the black rock of the meteorites, and their bodies were covered with red fissures of magma. Man like legs sprouted from their long phallic bodies under giant round eyes.

The giant walking cocks shot flames from the tip of their long tubular bodies, wreaking even more havoc on the tropical terrain. They turned their flames against the walking grass huts, and soon those were ablaze as well.

"Not bad. Flaming cocks, that's a nice touch." Imp said. "But let me show you how a real pro does it."

Imp looked at the ground. Water began to spray up from the center of the combat pit, and white bricks emerged from the dirt to form an elegant pool. The pool overflowed on one side and turned into a small stream. The ground around the pool turned to manicured green grass. A cobblestone path emerged, along with a rustic wooden bridge over the stream.

The transformation flowed out in a circular pattern, with the fountain at the center. Streets appeared, and buildings rose up out of the ground. The flaming phallic beasts were extinguished and turned to gray stone. They stood in various positions throughout the park looking like modern art sculptures.

The bodies of dead construction workers shriveled and morphed into little children, and old ladies walking French cut poodles, and old men who read newspapers upon park benches that had formed from the wreckage of bulldozers. Skip looked around and found he was no longer in an Amazon jungle, but rather a well-kept city park.


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